The success of a scholar doesn’t stop in the classroom.

Through our Wellness programs, we strive to increase awareness and access for underserved communities by providing workshops to our scholars and their families, covering a wide range of topics. From healthy eating and nutrition to educational resources and career introductions to financial literacy, we want to provide our families with the resources and information they need to lead healthy and successful lives. 

Sky specifically works with families in Philadelphia county who are most in need. Many communities in Philadelphia have been historically and systematically marginalized, leading to a cycle of disempowerment and disengagement that leads to negative community and individual outcomes. These negative outcomes are evidenced by critical community indicators such as underachieving schools and significant health disparities. 

  • The average annual household income of the families we serve is roughly $25,000
  • Many of these households are between 3-4 people in their homes. 

Sky believes that access to quality education is key in improving a child’s quality of life. The support we provide to students and families through our scholarship and wellness programs helps them to set goals for the future and beyond. We believe that by building strong partnerships with local organizations, schools, and families, we can support student achievement and positive social development both in and outside of the classroom.

Help keep our kids healthy.

Fireside Chats

In these virtual talks, we will cover preparing your students for college, activities to participate in this summer, and gearing up for the next school year!

5k Race-Walk and Health Fair

The Point Breeze 5k Walk/Run, and Health Fair (PB5k) is an annual event that we host in the community. We host the 5k race in the morning, an award ceremony post-race, and various activities for the participants and their families that came to support them. The activities presented vary from Zumba, Hip-Hop dance class, yoga, stretching, and art activities. Each participant in the race gets a swag bag as a token of our gratitude and thanks for their participation in our fundraiser. The money we raise goes towards a small charitable gift to a research project of our choosing and our general operating expenses. 

We collaborate with local organizations, local businesses, community leaders, industry experts, and career professionals to offer an engagement activity and offer health checkups to our participants and their families to promote the importance of staying active and making healthy choices. 

In the past, we’ve had Corporate Partners, such as Wawa, ACME, Whole Foods, and Shoprite, who offer contributions to our event and our participants throughout the event and in their swag bags.