The programs we provide at Sky Community Partners are focused in two critical areas: K-12 Education and Health & Wellness.

Specifically, Sky works to create thriving communities by collaborating with high-performing organizations for the benefit of underserved families and individuals throughout Philadelphia.  By breaking down the barriers that prevent them from accessing great educational opportunities and making healthy choices, we lift up communities that are struggling.


classroom pictureThe education system in underserved communities is often unable to meet all of the needs of the children and families who live there. The traditional K-12 system, therefore, benefits from additional support to help our most vulnerable children and families succeed.

We improve outcomes in K-12 education by directly supporting families and students with financial resources and information.  Our educational programs include OSTC and EITC Pennsylvania Tax Credit scholarships, education choice counseling, mentoring, and academic enrichment.


start of the point breeze 5kSocio-economically challenged neighborhoods lack access to quality health and wellness information, education, and services. This leads to negative health consequences such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cancer – all conditions that disproportionately affect lower income individuals.

Our Health & Wellness programs increase awareness and access for underserved communities through our 5K walk, our community health fair, and the “Fresh for All” program we coordinate with Philabundance.