About Us

Sky Community Partners is Philadelphia’s only non-religious nonprofit scholarship organization that supports both elementary and high school students.

Vision. Sky is committed to creating thriving, productive communities by eliminating barriers that prevent its low income and underserved members from being healthy and well-educated.

Mission. Provide programs to underserved, low income families and individuals by collaborating with high-performing organizations to increase educational opportunities, increase health awareness and access, and improve outcomes for at-risk communities in Philadelphia.

Historically, some communities in Philadelphia have been systematically marginalized, leading to a cycle of disempowerment and disengagement that has damaged their general welfare. These negative outcomes appear in critical community indicators such as underachieving schools and students and significant health disparities.


Although one organization can’t effectively tackle every challenge facing these communities, Sky Community Partners is uniquely positioned to make a difference.

Our programs serve families to increase educational opportunities, increase health awareness and access, and improve outcomes for at-risk communities in the Philadelphia area.

Board Members and Staff

Board Members
Dawn Chavous, President
Sara Osi Scott, Secretary
Eric Schreiner, Treasurer
Jude Arijaje, Board Member
Marisa Piccaretto, Board Member

Want to know more about Sky Community Partners?  Here’s our story and some of the highlights from what we’ve accomplished in underserved neighborhoods around Philadelphia: