“Those seeking help to educate their children in safe, child-friendly schools now have a new ally in the form of Sky Community Partners, an organization which provides scholarships to struggling parents of young students.

“To [achieve its vision] Sky hosts two programs.

“The first is a scholarship program which provides scholarships to local youth that would help Philadelphia parents pay for tuition for private schools, according to Chavous.

“’That’s been a very successful program,’ she said.

“The second is a health and wellness program which includes projects such as their annual 5k run/walk and a health fair.

“While some members of the public have critiqued other scholarship programs for focusing on middle- and upper-middle-class wage-earners, Chavous said this is not the case with Sky.

“’We focus on families that just don’t have the funds. The average annual income of the households whom we gave scholarships to this year was about $20,000, and these are families of three, four or five individuals. That’s pretty significant,’ she said.”

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